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Intro to Part I & Intro to 181 – 200


Love is the way I walk in gratitude.


There is no “doing” in Oneness. There is only a state of grateful celebration.

Love acknowledges that only Oneness is true.

Practice celebrative gratitude, now.


LESSON 195-2017


The purpose of this blog is to assist you with deepening into A Course In Miracles by clarifying the Course concept of Oneness.

  1. Read the workbook lesson

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  1. Read my annotations on that lesson
  2. Follow the instructions in the workbook lesson.

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2 thoughts on “LESSON 195

  1. Thank you, Ken. Something interesting happened this morning when I first clicked on it was a lesson there about bitterness that if you hold onto your own bitterness then you don’t deserve….And it was really excellent but then when I went back to the menu and started over again to get back into what you said today I clicked on the link again and another lesson showed up which was this one about gratitude which I absolutely love. It firmly reinforced in me the realization of how important gratitude is because it’s the only thing that can shorten the distance between where we are now and our freedom.
    My e-book, tuning into spirit, which is now on Amazon.com is filled with writings also about gratitude and it’s beautiful part in our lives. It is our saving grace.
    Have a miracle filled day. Looking forward to seeing you at the alumni retreat. Knowing all is well with you. Sending you much love and many blessings, Patricia

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