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The first three sentences in the introduction to A Course In Miracles (ACIM) states:

“This is a course in miracles. It is a required course. Only the time you take it is voluntary.”


Like many statements in ACIM, the message seems direct and obvious UNTIL one becomes more familiar with its teachings. There are layers to the Course. Below I have spelled out three possible readings for these first sentences of ACIM:

  1. st Layer
    1. This is a book is called, A Course In Miracles (ACIM).
    2. Everybody must take ACIM in order to have miracles. There is no other way.
    3. Take your time to get through it (Text, Workbook, Manual for Teachers)
  2. nd Layer
    1. This is a Course about manifesting miracles on earth.
    2. Everybody must take ACIM in order to manifest these miracles.
    3. The time you spend with the Course is spent voluntarily.
  3. rd Layer
    1. This Course is a directly purposed to change your experience of this world, by changing your mind about it.
    2. No matter what you think you (or others) are doing in this life experience, changing your mind is actually what is going on.
    3. You can change your mind quickly or slowly, but you will change it.

While one may be drawn to the idea of “manifesting miracles on earth”, I think that most will find the last reading to be the most cohesive AND intriguing.

My name is Ken Davis of I have applied the principles of ACIM, for years and it continues to change my life in wonderful ways that I could never have imagined. I have noticed how these life benefits have deepened as my grasp of the Course has deepened. I have also noticed that deeper insight and a more cohesive grasp of these teachings correlates strongly with a students grasp the principles of Oneness that underlies all of the Course. It is for this reason that I am writing this Blog.

The teachings of ACIM are completely non-dual in nature.  Non-dualism is more commonly called “Oneness”. One might imagine that basing a teaching on an abstraction like Oneness would render it useless for practical application to life’s events. Astoundingly, practical application is probably the most noticeable aspect of the Course teachings.

I have served as an ACIM Group Facilitator and Life Coach, that coaches using its principles, for a number of years. I have noticed that the idea of Oneness remains elusive, even to veterans of the Course. Also, I find that the viewpoint of Oneness is absent in most ACIM learning aids. While there are no rational words that convey the experience of Oneness, the mind can be prepared for the experience of it.

My focus will be on the concept of Oneness as expressed in the Workbook for Students (WFS). I chose the Workbook lessons because it provides Course students a way to apply the theoretical to daily life. It is the opportunity for Course students to transform information to knowledge.

Each day starting January 1st, I will supply a commentary on the lesson in the Workbook corresponding to that day of the year. Some commentaries are short and some are not. Occasionally, there will be essays to assist you with the commentaries as well as those that provide further insight about Oneness and its centrality to ACIM teachings.

My aim is that you find this blog both helpful and enjoyable. The way that I recommend that you use this blog is as follows:

  1. Click “LESSON ###” to read the workbook lesson
  2. Browse back to read the commentary in italics above
  3. Follow the instructions in the workbook lesson

Comments welcomed and appreciated!

For another lesson use the search area (the magnifying glass at top).

Enter the number of the lesson or use Course Notation + a period.


For LESSON 367 enter “367” or “W-pii.367.” (include a period).

When the desired commentary is found, just click it.



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