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Intro to Part I


Let miracles replace all grievances.


From the point of view of Oneness, consider the meaning of grievance and the meaning of miracle:

Your grievance allows you to justify the differences between certain situations or persons. Your grievance follows from the idea that separation must be true. Grievances recognize a separate and “outside” mover that victimizes. Because you see victims, you are upset and do not question the false and foundational assumption that separation is true.

A miracle recognizes that the essence of anything that seems to be outside you is no different than your essence. If Oneness is true then “you” are the source of what seems to be “out there”.  Victim and victimizer are therefor, non- different. If victim and victimizer are non- different, then neither can really be true.

Grievance are not “bad” or “wrong”. Grievance is simply unjustified as it is based on what is not true.

The miracle is not simply “the good” but is based on what is True.

The Miracle knows no difference because Oneness is true.


LESSON 78-2020


The purpose of this blog is to assist you with deepening into A Course In Miracles by clarifying the Course concept of Oneness.

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