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Intro to Part II

What is the Holy Spirit?


Let me forget my brother’s past today.


Oneness Commentary

Cherished thoughts of the past used to hold my brother as apart is my rejection of Oneness.

This rejection stands as a barrier to my homecoming.

Let me forget my brother’s past today



The purpose of this blog is to assist you with deepening into A Course In Miracles by clarifying the Course concept of Oneness.

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One thought on “LESSON 288

  1. Hi Ken, thank you. I’m not tired enough to fall asleep so here I am. I just noticed that

    “Enter the number of the lesson or use Coarse Notation + a period.” Spells course as coarse. I noticed it in the wonderful comments you sent me earlier today. At the beginning in a few places it was incorrectly spelled coarse and then toward the end it was correctly spelled course.

    I am going to back to your earlier lessons if I can figure out how to do that and see your comments for today on Lesson 9 which Carol and I are doing. I meant to start doing that when we started last week and forgot so this is a good reminder. It is not easy for me to see how to do that right now. Maybe I’m too tired. Where is the magnifying glass.

    Sending Love and LIGHT, Patricia

    Patricia Conte-Nelson 508-737-4030 tuningintospiritbook.com patriciacontenelson.com

    No matter what the question, love is the answer.

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