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Intro to Part I


 I see no neutral things.


Oneness Commentary:

Oneness is pure, perfect and eternally joyful. Oneness is love with no opposite “outside” it and no perceptible distinctions “within”.

The ego must “paint over” this profound and simple peace with stripes of different colors, shapes and sizes then sell you on the idea that it is reality. Now, everything you perceive is perceived as it compares and contrasts with something else. Before you can question this sell job, the ego shouts “Look out there!”, or “Watch out for that one!” or “Here! Protect this one instead of that one!”. While you deal with disturbing “problems”, you forget to question the source of the stripes that you perceive. Your thought system remains enmired in “separation mode”.

This mode is the source of the illusion-of-a-world that you see and the reason you seem to be here in it.

Oneness is a freedom currently beyond your experience. The recovery of the experience of this freedom requires that you first accept your current mode of thinking, just as it is. However, it is hidden from you the way water is unknown to a fish. To know your mind, you must pay attention to and respect what shows up in the illusion.

In the illusion, any perception is available to be experienced, at any time. In fact, the world’s illusory nature is the very reason that this is so. There is no “order” imposed from “outside” of this illusion. If this was not true, you would indeed be a “victim of the world you see”.



The purpose of this blog is to assist you with deepening into A Course In Miracles by clarifying the Course concept of Oneness.

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