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W-pI.56.1. (26) My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability.

You believe that attack is possible therefore you accept the concept of “threat”. In Oneness, there is no “other” to attack or be attacked by.

Oneness remains unchanged, even while you deny its reality.

W-pI.56.2. (27) Above all else I want to see.

You may see yourself as apart from, or a part within, Oneness. You may, therefore, see yourself as a small part versus the larger Whole. Real vision goes beyond seeing the world in parts and pieces. To see Oneness, as you look at all the world, is to see yourself truly.

W-pI.56.3. (28) Above all else I want to see differently.

It is a paradox that we must train the mind to see differently to gain sight of the eternally unchanging sameness of Truth (Oneness).

W-pI.56.4. (29) God is in everything I see.

In truth, there is no place to turn where Oneness is missing from sight. But, such a worldview requires the will to look past all appearances.

W-pI.56.5. (30) God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.

Oneness remains unchanged and unchanging in the Mind of God. You remain unchanged and unchanging in that Mind also. As God creates everything the same as God’s self, what Oneness is can be no different than you are.



The purpose of this blog is to assist you with deepening into A Course In Miracles by clarifying the Course concept of Oneness.

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