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Oneness Commentary:


 I see nothing as it is now.


What we call “seeing” is an attempt to cut (shatter) what is Whole, Complete, Perfect, and One.

You “see” what-is-Whole through a lens that shows you a shattered existence, much like using a kaleidoscope as a looking glass. You have convinced yourself that each different color, shape, and angle is a sane reflection of reality. You have assigned meaning to this “sane reflection of reality”, where there is none. This meaning allows you to organize parts of what you see, while other parts defy meaning and organization.

The importance that you give those parts of what you assign meaning to, is different than the importance you give to other parts that you see. This seeming importance distracts you from questioning the lie of differences, distinctions, and separation.

It is in your past that you have taught yourself the meaning and importance of things. This is why you see nothing as it is now.

This is upsetting because in your mind is buried the recognition of Truth; known to you as wholeness and completeness (Oneness). There are no parts in this Oneness. You are upset but are not fully aware of this upset because it is like a constant, dull pain that you would only recognize when it is absent.

Actual seeing occurs outside of time and space. Actual seeing will notice differences but finds them unimportant like the boundaries of a shadow falling across a leaf. The shadow does not cut the leaf that it falls across. The cutting of the leaf can only be true if the difference between the shaded and unshaded areas is of significance.

There is no “significance” in Oneness.



The purpose of this blog is to assist you with deepening into A Course In Miracles by clarifying the Course concept of Oneness.

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